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Interactive Music. What is the best hierarchy approach for many songs with multi-track progressive music?

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I am quite new to Wwise (and game sound altogether). I just have a couple general questions regarding the approach I should be taking for my interactive music hierarchy.

This is an RPG, with 10 or more full-length progressive-type songs. These songs will be split into 10-30 second "sections" (section A, section B, etc). Each section containing ~5 stems (rhythm, bass, melody, etc). I want the music to generally develop in an A, B, C... fashion, having each section trigger depending on the world zone or progression ques. As well as transition from song 1 to song 2, etc.

I've done some test implementation, and got it the way I like it for a single song. In this config, I created a Playlist Container with one Segment per container. Within each Segment, the stems for a single song section. (which to me seems oddly redundant, but it was the only way to define custom transitions between the song’s section A,B,C). Assuming you can only define higher detail transitions from Playlist to Playlist (opposed to Segment to Segment)? Afterwards, I was able to transition from part A,B,C using states (labeled A,B,C,D…) within the switch.

But now i need to switch between different songs, not only sections per song. This is where I’m getting stuck. I tried putting a switch within a switch, and that seems unresponsive, And perhaps in my initial setup, I’ve already configured my hierarchy improperly. All the tutorials I’ve found detail how to switch from playlist to playlist as different songs, via states. I get that, but I need to customize the arrangement of the sections within each song as well, using the custom transition options that Containers offer.

Is there anyone who can give me a quick overview of the most fitting hierarchy for my project? I seem to be a bit stumped, and just want to approach this in the most efficient and professional manner. Feels like I’m close, but also missing some very basic step that an experienced Wwise user grasps as second nature. What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? Any quick layout would be paramount!


edit: the only successful way I can visualize this right now is... create a state group "Song Sections" with a state for each section of every song, and a playlist container for each section (potentially giving me 50 to 100 states and playlist containers). And then having to customize every single transition between any potential connecting states. With one switch container for all the music. After all the experimentation I've done, that's where I'm at. 

Thank you!


asked Oct 15, 2016 in General Discussion by Voidsloth (120 points)
Would be a great help if there was any tips/direction for this inquiry!

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