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AkState not functioning properly in Unity

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Goal: Create a box collider which which triggers a state on a wwise Aux bus.

Example: a box collider on a water volume which triggers an "LPF" state on the ambience aux bus in wwise

My setup in Wwise:

  • An Sfx Object set to 2D with an ambient audio loop. This is set as a play action on an "ambience" event. "Plays through audio bus "ambience"
  • State group "TestGroup" Set up with two states: "LPF" and "Neutral"
  • An "ambience" audio bus on the master-mixer hierarchy with the State group "TestGroup"
    • the "LPF" state is set to 75% LPF
    • The "Neutral" state does not have any changed parameters. It is the same as "none"

My setup in Unity

  • A 3D box collider with "AkState" component set to "LPF" and set to trigger on by "AkTriggerEnter"
  • An fps controller with "AkState" set to trigger on "start" and set to "neutral". The fps controller has AkGameObject and is set to "environment aware" it also has "akAudioListener"

The idea is that the fpsctonroller starts the game outside of the boxcollider with "AkState" set to "neutral". I walk the camera into the boxcollider to trigger the "AkState" "LPF".

that is not happening though. Currently the state "LPF" is triggered immediately when the game is started even though I have not entered the box collider with the state trigger. Why is this happening?

asked Oct 21, 2016 in General Discussion by Derrick R. (120 points)

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