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Switch Material problem

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Following this blog 

On profiler, it receives the Switch to "[material]" for footsteps, showing as the picture in the blog, but the corresponding container does not switch. It sticks to default object. Double checked:

- Assigned objects on the Switch container correspond to Random containers.

- On GameSync Switch group with corresponding switches.

- Scope of random containers to switch from is Game Object

- Correct sound reproduction of footsteps containers when switched from transport or selection.

If someone has an idea of what I might be missing I'll be really happy. Thank you.

Here an example from the log: (keeps triggering gravel sounds after the switch to snow has been received)

00:32:25.813    Switch   Switch to "Snow"    Material    FirstPersonCharacter_C_0    Game Object    0
 00:32:26.048    Event    Event Triggered    Play_FS_Pawn    FirstPersonCharacter_C_0    Game Object    251
 00:32:26.048    Action Triggered    Play    FS_Pawn    FirstPersonCharacter_C_0    Game Object    251
 00:32:26.048    Notification    Playing    FS_Gravel_04    FirstPersonCharacter_C_0    Game Object    251
 00:32:26.048    Notification    End Reached    FS_Gravel_02    FirstPersonCharacter_C_0    Game Object    250
 00:32:26.048    Notification    Event Finished        FirstPersonCharacter_C_0    Game Object    250
 00:32:26.474    Event    Event Triggered    Play_FS_Pawn    FirstPersonCharacter_C_0    Game Object    252
 00:32:26.474    Action Triggered    Play    FS_Pawn    FirstPersonCharacter_C_0    Game Object    252
 00:32:26.474    Notification    Playing    FS_Gravel_01    FirstPersonCharacter_C_0    Game Object    252




asked Oct 24, 2016 in General Discussion by Alvaro L. (130 points)
I'm having the exact same issue but my profile capture log lists as Local Player just like the example online. Everything else checks out ok as far sound corresponding to the material via auditioning Switches on transport etc...  I'm on OS X Sierra and noticed a few bugs already, had to restart a few times during lesson 2 and 3. I'm curious if you are on the same OS(Sierra?).

1 Answer

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Did you ever figure out what your issue was? I seem to be having the same problem.
answered Jan 30, 2017 by Andrew T. (180 points)
In my tutorial I've used ThirdPersonCharacter and it seems you are trying with FirstPersonCharacter, so you just have to change 2 things in your BP :
- "CastToFirstPersonCharacter" instead of "CastToThirdPersonCharacter"
- "Target -> Mesh2P" box instead of "Target -> Mesh"