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My cube demo is not silent?

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I'm going through the youtube tutorial but when I run the cube demo from the Mac>Profile>Bin folders the demo already has all the sounds..

How do I get the silent version and get that synced up with my lesson project?

I'm running Mac 10.11.4

Wwise v2016 1.3


asked Nov 9, 2016 in General Discussion by Lazer (100 points)

1 Answer

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Did you delete the soundbanks as suggested in the lessons ?

In fact, your Wwise Lessons folder now has too much! The final step in preparing your lessons is to remove the already completed audio of the Cube game. So, drill down to ...\Wwise Lessons\Cube Demo\cube\soundbanks\Windows, then delete everything in that folder.


answered Nov 10, 2016 by Rom D (1,050 points)
edited Nov 10, 2016 by Rom D
Thank you very much Rom!
I was going through the youtube videos and not using the lessons, and I can see now that I've missed a lot..
I now have it working and am going through the written lessons.
Thanks again!