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Ak Ambient - Position Type "Large Mode" seems to be broken in 2016-1-3

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Using Wwise Unity integration 2016-1-3 and Unity 5.4.2f2 I have an Ak Ambient on an empty object. I've set the position mode to large and placed 8 points on it spread out. When I test in Unity, all of the sounds emit from the main transform, instead of the various points.

Anybody getting this, or is there a trick to it?
asked Nov 15, 2016 in General Discussion by Jeff van Dyck (110 points)

1 Answer

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well, i had great difficulties with wwise in unity since 2f2, i think you have to use the new integration files and not the 2016-1-3.

i am not really pleased with this new system, but it seems to be the only way to go. Open the wwise launcher (for wwise 2016-2) and integrate the files from there.

In unity 2f2 with a wwise project 2016-v2-5979, the large mode works fine.

edit, wwise 2016-1-3 large mode was working fine in unity 5,4,1f1
answered Nov 16, 2016 by olivier h. (290 points)
Thank you for clarifying this :)