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Event works in game, but source audio for event causes error

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I have an existing UI Actor-Mixer that controls 30+ UI sfx that all work great. I've recently added 6 new source files and event names, inheriting all settings from the parent. Not one of the settings are over riding the parent. All UI events exist in one UI sound bank, and all other UI SFX are loaded and work in the scene. However, 4 of these 6 new sounds are causing errors when played in game. I'm getting both "Codec plug-in not registered" and "selected node not available." The event name is being called correctly in game, and by the right name. I have verified that it works by targeting any other previously existing UI SFX without changing the event names, and those existing SFX play just fine. It's only when the 4 inteded source files are hooked to their inteded event name that I get these errors.

Things that I have tried and regenerated banks that have failed:

- Set conversion settings to PCM, ADPCM, Vorbis, and As Input.

- Re export source audio to confirm 44.1 / 16 bit stereo source audio, replaced in project.

- Moved broken events to multiple other functioning sound banks that are loaded in the necessary scene.

- Re imported source audio with different names, and relinked to event name.

- Moved events to other Work Units

- Diabled many other UI SFX (in the event some invisible cap was causing this)

- Set voice limit to 99 (just in case)

- Hooked up broken source files to other working UI event names (this also failed, but gave no error. Profiler shows the source files as playing, but they are silent)

- Cleared Audio File Cache

- Gave event name and source audio new names in project and in the game engine, reimported through the whole process.

- If another UI source audio file works when called by the event, copy that source audio from originals folder, renamed to the intended file name of the new SFX, import and replace broken source audio, and target event at what worked as a different file name.

 - Yelled at my computer and iPad.


Any other steps I may have overlooked would be extremely helpful! Thanks!
asked May 7, 2014 in General Discussion by Ben G. (140 points)

1 Answer

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Can you verify the actual objects and media are being included in Soudbanks?

In Soundbank Editor:

  • Go to the Edit tab
  • verify the new objects are present
answered May 8, 2014 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (35,110 points)
Yes, I see them in there. The event, that is. This is how all the others are working. I'm able to point the event to any other UI sound source, generate, and hear it work in game. But if I use the SFX I made for this event, I get either "Codec plug-in not registered" and "Selected Node Not Available."
- The error message: "Codec plug-in not registered" is expected to be provided with the missing codec/plug-in ID, do you have this number?
- When loading the sound banks containing these events, did any error messages or warning were triggered during the loading?
- Did any error/warnings were reported when re-generating the banks?
- In the Bank Editor in which you did put the events, check all check boxes are checked : Event, media and structure.
- Also, in bank editor, check you did not manually removed some pieces.