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UE4 integration not playing sound [closed]

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Hey! We recently integrated the UE4 integration, but I cannot get any sound to playback inside ue4.

I watched all the intro tutorials. Currently, I can preview the event in Wwise editor, then i generate sound banks, then they show up in Unreal Engine, then I Generate Sound Banks from inside ue4, then I see my events, but when I drag one over to the content editor, i cannot hear it after right click -> play. Same if I try to play it from a blueprint.


Any ideas? Thanks so much!
closed with the note: figured it out
asked Jan 9, 2017 in General Discussion by Evan B. (160 points)
closed Jan 11, 2017 by Evan B.
Could you post your solution please. This is the issue I woke up to this morning. Thanks!