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Possible to seek in ue4 integration?

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I am trying to start events at a certain point, not just from the start of the sound. Is there any way to do this from UE, potentially thru some RPTC's?


Also curious on how to get the length of an event from in UE4.

Thank you!
asked Jan 11, 2017 in General Discussion by Evan B. (160 points)

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Hi Evan B!

So yes.... with a little bit of hacking. You have to hack it into AKComponent. If you're savvy enough to jump into the code I can try and help you out!


answered Jan 16, 2017 by Robert M. (4,590 points)
selected Jan 17, 2017 by Evan B.
does the function have a category? it won'ts how up sometimes if you dont. also generate project files.
Hey Robert, turned out I had to delete the bin and intermediate folders in the plugin directory..then it would build. thanks for all your help!

Is there any chance I could get you to show me an example (like u did above) of how to expose SetMultiplePositions()? I have been researching for weeks and cannot get it to build properly.

Thanks so much!
Unfortunately no. :( sorry mate.

void UAkComponent::Seek(int32 MilliSeconds, const FString& IDNumber)
    AkTimeMs MilliSec = MilliSeconds;
    AkUniqueID AkIDNumber = FCString::Atoi64(*IDNumber);
    AK::SoundEngine::SeekOnEvent(AkIDNumber, (AkGameObjectID) this, MilliSec, false, (AkPlayingID)AK_INVALID_PLAYING_ID);

Hey Robert,

sorry to come back to this, but it seems seeking is still not supported in your UE4.16 integration. What are your plans to add this to the plugin ?

Thank you,
Hey! I actually got version frozen on .14 unfortunately so I can't help you there :/ I haven't gotten the time to check it out sorry. This was a work around that I was able to do in the code myself. I am not a dev hehe so I can't just add it in directly to the plug in