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Possible to seek in ue4 integration?

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I am trying to start events at a certain point, not just from the start of the sound. Is there any way to do this from UE, potentially thru some RPTC's?


Also curious on how to get the length of an event from in UE4.

Thank you!
asked Jan 11 in General Discussion by Evan B. (150 points)

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Hi Evan B!

So yes.... with a little bit of hacking. You have to hack it into AKComponent. If you're savvy enough to jump into the code I can try and help you out!


answered 3 days ago by Robert M. (4,590 points)
selected 2 days ago by Evan B.
Touching on that other issue w/ the plugin not updating the blueprints exposed, for some reason I cannot generate project files when Wwise is enabled. It throws this error:

'ERROR: Unable to instantiate instance of 'AkAudio' object type from compiled assembly 'MicrodoseVRModuleRules,'

When I disable the plugin, it works...but therein lies the problem. Any idea what may be causing this? If I install thru the Wwise launcher, doesn't it just put the plugin in my plugins directory and use that?

Thanks for your time!
Hmm I think that may be a problem with your (project).build.cs file.

PrivateDependencyModuleNames.AddRange{"AKAudio"}; should be the fix i think
I put that in there, and now I'm getting this error:

'EXEC : error : Expecting to find a type to be declared in a module rules named 'AKAudio' in MicrodoseVRModuleRules'

Any ideas? Sorry to keep coming back!
Looks like the SDK files didn't copy over properly while installing the plugin. Modified and re-did and now its working. Thank you much!
Hey, so now I can get it to build, but the updates and additions to the Wwise plugin are not showing after building/compiling. Any ideas?