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How and what to import into Wwise Convolution? [closed]

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In the Wwise documentation it clearly states that you should import:

"Wwise Convolution Reverb plug-in expects impulse responses recorded with impulsive sounds"

If I do that it does not look and sound correctly in the plugin in Wwise (my files come from a library of IR files and are recordings of a shot a short impulsive sound)!

If I look at the originals Wwise IR factory files the do not look or sound like a "impulsive sounds" the look and sounds like a testtone (whitenoice like, no impulse).

Does anybody have any experience with import of IR files into Wwise Convolution Reverb that can help me :0) ???



closed with the note: Found the "error" samplerate has to 48
asked Feb 7, 2017 in General Discussion by Frank L. (150 points)
closed Feb 7, 2017 by Frank L.

1 Answer

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I found the "error" the IR files was 44kHz has to be 48kHz (and proberly higher), so upsampling to 48 the files works correctly.

:0) Frank
answered Feb 7, 2017 by Frank L. (150 points)