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How to make RTPC work for "MyCharacter" game object in the Unreal Engine demo game

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Hi, my name is Mathieu and I just started working on my first big project in Unreal Engine, so I downloaded the Demo Game from the Wwise Launcher to get familiar with the way Unreal works.

I have found the Demo Game very useful and instructive, but I tried to push a little further and I am now stuck with this issue that I hope you can help me resolve.

My idea was to use RTPC to control the pitch of the "Shotgun_Fire_01" SFX, that is triggered in Unreal in the "FPP_Fire" animation through the call of the "Fire_Weapon" event. So I added the RTPC "Velocity" (which is included in the RTPC demo section of the game) to the "Shotgun_Fire_01" SFX, to control its pitch. I preview it in Wwise and I can hear the pitch changing.

Then I save the project, generate the new soundbanks in Unreal and start profiling and playing the demo. But unfortunately, the pitch of the weapon stays the same, even though I can see the RTPC moving in the "Game Objects Profiler" and the demo (press E button) works fine.


I noticed that the RTPC changes for the "PlayerController_0" Game Object, and that my "Fire_Weapon" is linked to the "MyCharacter_C_0" game object. Could you please explain to me the difference betweed these two game objects, and how to link the RTPC change to the "MyCharacter_C_0" game object ?


PS : I also tried another experiment with the switch on an event called on another animation, and found myself in the same situation where the event was called by the Character game object, but the switch was modified for the PlayerController game object, so this is a real issue for me and something that I don't understand quite well in Unreal, please help !


Thanks in advance,


asked Feb 9, 2017 in General Discussion by Mathieu M. (100 points)

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