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Loading banks seems very slow. (Unreal)

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In our project we have a main bank and a voice bank. Total size: 151 MB.  Loading these banks in unreal takes 11 seconds. (That is 13MB/sec)

All voices are set to streaming since otherwise the loadtime of that bank would be enormous. (60 sec?)


So my question is: Is this normal? Or are we doing something wrong? When the load happens, it seems to block everything else, so from hard-drives perspective this should be done in about 1-2 seconds.

The main bank consist of about 500 unstreamed sounds.
asked Feb 14, 2017 in General Discussion by Arnleif M. (340 points)
edited Feb 14, 2017 by Arnleif M.

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Also asked this in the "Wwise Wwizards & Wwitches" facebook page since I got no help here..


My solution turned out to be compressing the audio using vorbis instead of the (default?) pcm. My soundbank went down to 12 MB and the loadtime is now maybe 1-2 seconds.
answered Feb 17, 2017 by Arnleif M. (340 points)