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How to create point source SFX that plays in stereo?

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I've been trying to figure out if it's possible to create an event that attenuates like any other point source audio loop, but as you approach the source, it plays in stereo. For example, placing an event in the center of a lake, and as you move into the lake, the user hears water on either side, getting louder as you approach the center.

Ideally, this could be accomplished with one sound source. Having 1 water loop that the event plays 2 instances of, one of which with seek time set to 50% to offeset the loops. One panned hard right, the other to the left.  Is this effect possible?
asked May 23, 2014 in General Discussion by Ben G. (140 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Ben,

You can probably accomplish what you describe with a combination of events triggering Play, Seek and Set Game Parameter (attached to 2D Left-Right RTPC) actions. That said, I would first try using a stereo source with a Sound SFX set to 3D and use the “Spread” parameter found in the Attenuation Editor. Spread parameter is meant to take sources with any number of channels and “move” them from point source (0) to fully spread in the 2.0/5.1/7.1 speaker environment (100).

Hope this helps,

answered May 29, 2014 by Simon A. (Audiokinetic) (3,570 points)