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Run script after generating Soundbank

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That would be great to run a program after the Sounbank has been generated. I didn't see this feature, maybe I missed something ?

A simple command line or "run..." would do the trick. This could help doing versioning and network updates with custom tools, and do other tricks.

Already there ? Maybe one day ?

Thanks !

asked Mar 17, 2017 in General Discussion by Rom D (970 points)
recategorized Apr 25, 2017 by Guillaume R. (Audiokinetic)

1 Answer

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Already there! You're looking for the 'Post-Generation Step' in the SoundBank settings, where you can run any number of external commands / scripts.
answered Apr 20, 2017 by Martin D. (Audiokinetic) (1,650 points)
selected Apr 20, 2017 by Fabien B. (Audiokinetic)