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Ambisonics conversion settings - AT9 causing problems?

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We're doing some work with ambisonic files in Wwise, and we've noticed that using Atrac 9 conversion settings on PS4, with PSVR seems to screw with the ambisonics behaviour.

Is anyone else using Ambisonics in Wwise with compressed file formats?

asked Mar 24, 2017 in General Discussion by Simon G. (990 points)
I'm using ambisonics via Wwise in a PSVR game. I haven't tried any conversion settings other than default yet, though. What's the screwy behavior?
When the b format file is using At9 conversion settings, and the sound is set to 3D in Wwise. It sounds like the ambisonic sound field is summing to mono and playing from the emitter position.
When I use PCM the ambisonic sound field plays back correctly, with the sound field rotating based on the relative orientation of the listener and emitter.
Are you using At9 for compressing b format files?
I looked at the atrac9 docs on devnet, and it didn't mention anything about ambisonics. I'm not sure how to start solving this. Have you tried posting on the devnet forums?
Update on this.
I've just noticed the notification in the Wwise export:

Time ID Message Platform Parameters
12:29:07 - 4 (Ambisonics) channel configuration not supported by ATRAC9: Sample_Bform_Amb.wav converted to 2.0.

So it seems Atrac9 doesn't support ambisonic files in Wwise

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