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How do I enlarge the memory pool?

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Hi there,

I'm receiving the following error within Unity (with relation to Wwise) upon game startup: 

Wwise: Failed to create memory pool: The maximum number of memory pool was exceeded(Object: -1)
Wwise: Insufficient Space to Load Bank(Object: -1)
Wwise: Bank Load Failed (Object:-1)

How do I resolve this? What's strange is that my soundbank is relatively small--just 17 sounds, all about 5MB each. I notice in the documentation a possible to "Enlarge the pool by initializing the different modules of the sound engine in the initialization parameters." If this is the easiest option, how do I do this? 



asked Apr 3, 2017 in General Discussion by Ben M. (170 points)

2 Answers

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The default settings are quite small so this can definitely happen. You have to change these settings in Unity not in Wwise, and they can be changed in the Wwise Global object / Wwise Initializer component.
answered Apr 6, 2017 by Beatrix Moersch (2,830 points)
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Base on wwise 2017.2.2

01 : "The maximum number of memory pool was exceeded" , it is about the number of pool not the size.

02 : If your case was unity integration , check AkSoundEnginController.cs in your unity project.

go to line 157 , "memSetting.uMaxNumPools = 20;" <--- 20 is default value , increase this.
answered Jun 18, 2018 by Yu-Wei Su (540 points)
selected Oct 20, 2020 by Hou Chenzhong (Audiokinetic)
Just solve my problem