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Communication module fails to initialize on Android

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I've been working on integrating WWise into an Android Java app via JNI, following the Integration Demo Sample project. My current initialization function is as follows:

    // Memory Manager
    AkMemSettings memSettings;
    memSettings.uMaxNumPools = 20;
    AK::MemoryMgr::Init(&memSettings); // AK_Success

    // Stream Manager
    AkStreamMgrSettings stmSettings;

    // Streaming device (pLowLevelIO points to a CAkFilePackageLowLevelIOBlocking object)
    AkDeviceSettings deviceSettings;
    pLowLevelIO->Init(deviceSettings); // AK_Success
    pLowLevelIO->SetBasePath( "soundbanks" );

    // Sound Engine
    AK::SoundEngine::Init(NULL, NULL); // AK_Success

    // Music Engine
    AkMusicSettings musicSettings;

    // Communication device
    AkCommSettings commSettings;
    AK::Comm::Init(commSettings); // AK_Fail
According to the documentation, AK::Comm::Init returns: 
    AK_Success when everything went well
    AK_InvalidParameter if one of the given settings is invalid
    AK_InsufficientMemory when given poolsize is too small
    AK_Fail for other errors  <--------
Does anybody have any clue of why AK::Comm::Init returns AK_Fail?
Help is much appreciated!
EDIT AK::Comm::Init prints this error:
    I/AKDEBUG: AK::Comm -> DiscoveryChannel::Init() -> m_socket.Bind() failed, requested port == 24024 (AkCommSettings::ports.uDiscoveryBroadcast) 
asked Apr 5, 2017 in General Discussion by tomasito665 (220 points)
edited Apr 6, 2017 by tomasito665

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