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Getting RTPC from Wwise Meter Output Game Parameter in Unreal Engine 4

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Hey there,

I currently have set up a Bus with the Wwise Meter Plugin and set the Output Game Parameter. Now I want to get this value in Unreal Engine 4.
I can find the SetRTPCValue function, but not a GetRTPCValue function.
Someone on the Wwise Wwizards & Wwitches group on facebook told me to implement GetRTPCValue in AkAudioDevice, but as I am relatively new to C++ and have no knowledge about the inner workings of Wwise, I do not know how.

So the question is:
1. How do I implement the GetRTPCValue function in the Unreal Engine integration?
2. Will this be implemented in the near future (read: this month)?

Thanks in advance and best regards

asked Apr 6, 2017 in General Discussion by Bent N. (100 points)
I would also like an answer to this question
I did implement the GetRTPCValue function... currently writing my master thesis, so answer will be short, but you can take a look at how we did it (look for changes in AkAudioDevice and take a look at the audio controller I wrote

not 100% fine, as i would like to have it implemented as a plugin, but i have to access private variables... so i have to overwrite the integration files which is meh if you update

you can see it in action in the game we made (downloadable for free here: )

good luck!

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