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How to delete Wwise/Unity integration

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Since the update of the new Wwise Launcher I cant find the option to remove the Wwise integration from a Unity project. It used to be an option in Unity but that has disappeared, and I can't see it on the Wwise Launcher.

I am having a problem with the soundbanks and think i just need to start a fresh as no events are updating. Can anyone tell me how to remove the Wwise integration so that i can re-add it?

asked Apr 14, 2017 in General Discussion by Jake B. (120 points)
Same here! Would love to get an answer to this as well, since it's a pretty simple and important question ...
The problem is that it regenerates these folders. I have removed them several times and, I haven't worked out quite what the trigger is but, occasionally it will just re-install everything. It is driving me mad because I auto generated the integration and something is off so it can not find any event IDs. I can't even remove this version of the integration so I can attempt again. I am being driven up the wall by it.

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