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UWP integration failing to load Init.bnk

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Currently working on bringing our Wwise integration over to UWP for an eventual xbox/win10 store port, and I've hit a wall trying to debug this issue.  Our original integration for Monogame has been working fine for a while (using CLR) and I've had to re-write most of it as a WinRT component to work with a UWP app.  Testing it outside of the game app, I've gotten it to the point where it compiles fine and generates the necessary metadata to be loaded and initialized successfully in a blank UWP app.  

BUT loading the Init bank returns AK_Fail and as far I can tell it's functioning identically to our totally functional CLR build.  

I've made sure to check the usual suspects: basepath, spelling, creating a Wwise object and calling our Init() function.  All this seems like its working.  I've stepped through the process in debug and made sure the strings were being converted and passed correctly, and I'm certain that part is working, too.

In building our WinRT DLL I made sure to switch all the includes that could be switched to the Metro_vc140 folders (and I've tried both x86 and x64 versions) and made sure everything was consistent to 2016.2.2

Question is: What else could be going wrong to fail a bank load?  Do I need to change the platform when generating banks? There is basically no UWP-specific documentation so I feel like I'm flying blind here.
asked Apr 17, 2017 in General Discussion by Miles F. (250 points)
edited Apr 17, 2017 by Miles F.

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