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Unity Integration: Ak Environment Portal not updating reverb values while player is in contact

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I'm learning Wwise/Unity integration, and building a small demo scene. For part of the scene, the player moves from an exterior area, through a metal corridor, and finally into a large metal room. I have an AkEnvironment component and relevant AuxBus set up for both the exterior, and the large metal room. The exterior AuxBus has a very subtle, dry, reverb, and the metal room's reverb is very reflective and loud. These both work. I then created an AkEnvironmentPortal component, and attached it to the corridor running between the two areas (via a trigger volume hovering slightly above the floor), intending to have the reverb slowly increase as you move towards the room, and slowly decrease as you move towards the open end. The AkEnvironmentPortal object detects the two Environments, but will not change in real time unless the player exits and re-enters the trigger volume i.e., if you walk through the corridor from the outside to the metal room, the Exterior Environment settings play the whole way through the corridor, then suddenly switch to the Metal Room Environment settings once the player crosses the threshold into the room. When walking through the corridor towards the exit, the Metal Room Environment settings are active the whole way through the corridor, then suddenly switch to the Exterior settings once the player has exited the corridor, rather than crossfading smoothly. However, if I walk halfway through the corridor, then stop and jump (thereby exiting the AkEnvironmentPortal's trigger volume and re-entering it), the portal will update, and play the correct mix of both environments' reverb settings.

I'm lost as to why the AkEnvironmentPortal will only update if the player exits and re-enters the trigger volume, rather than gradually increasing or decreasing while the player moves through the volume. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I can't find many other resources for this specific problem.
asked Apr 21, 2017 in General Discussion by Ciaran D. (100 points)

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