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Please fix your unity integration to allow flexible installation folders.

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I don't like having all my 3rd party plugins littering the root directory of my project.  Most people don't.  I have a folder at Assets/ThirdParty/ that I drag everything to, keeping the root a little tidier.  You guys have hard-coded the folders all over the place, and yes, I have modified it to work for my needs, but I strongly suggest you allow the root be stored in the WwiseSettings.xml file and refer to that for your pathing needs.  Or figure it out based on the resource path of one of the key resources.  What is happening right now is pretty ugly.  Any Unity dev that wants to use Wwise must currently leave it in the root of the project, inflexibly, and deal with it on your terms.  That's not very friendly.


You might also consider adding some nicer Inspector GUIs.  I can give you an example of what I did in less than an hour that makes life much easier for devs...  Shoot me an email for details.



asked May 3, 2017 in Feature Requests by Jason H. (110 points)
I'd love to see all that.
+1. This would also make it easier to fix issues with compile time.

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