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Can't use AudioInputPlugin in Unreal

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I have a sound that's using the AudioInputPlugin as a source. Everything builds properly in Unreal, but when I'm running my project I see:

LogAkAudio:Error: Plug-in execution failure: 13107202

Does anyone know where this is coming from, or how to debug it? It seems to let me post my event and set my callbacks just fine, but then this error seems to print on my first cook of the scene.
asked May 3, 2017 in General Discussion by Aaron W. (120 points)
I get the same error code in Unity Wwise: Plug-in execution failure: 13107202

2 Answers

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We have the same error on our project. That's happen everytime we post event who use a audio input source. Does anyone have some clues about this error ?
answered Jul 3, 2017 by Vincent F. (190 points)
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I solved the problem, this error seems to occur when there is no audio input callbacks registered. But even when you call SetAudioInputCallbacks inside your gameplay code the same error occur...

To fix this you have to make a small hack in the wwise plugin source code.


class AKAUDIO_API FAkAudioDevice


: public AK::SoundFrame::IClient






void SetAudioInputCallbacksPlugin(AkAudioInputPluginExecuteCallbackFunc ExecuteAudioWwiseCallback, AkAudioInputPluginGetFormatCallbackFunc GetFormatWwiseCallback);





void FAkAudioDevice::SetAudioInputCallbacksPlugin(AkAudioInputPluginExecuteCallbackFunc ExecuteAudioWwiseCallback, AkAudioInputPluginGetFormatCallbackFunc GetFormatWwiseCallback)
SetAudioInputCallbacks(ExecuteAudioWwiseCallback, GetFormatWwiseCallback);



FAkAudioDevice* AudioDevice = FAkAudioDevice::Get();
AudioDevice->SetAudioInputCallbacksPlugin(ATestActor::ExecuteAudioWwiseCallback, ATestActor::GetFormatWwiseCallback);

I assume it's because you have to be inside the wwise plugin .dll memory space when you call "SetAudioInputCallbacks".

answered Aug 25, 2017 by Vincent F. (190 points)
edited Aug 25, 2017 by Vincent F.