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Higher sample rates for ultra sound

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I want to use wwise for my academic research in which ultra sound also be included. I already have my open source simulation environment called sharpEar which is a microphone array powered acustic camera simulation. After wasting many years on that I found out that doing cool 3D effects, sound reflection and attenuation is not one person job. Now I want to build a new simulation environment from stretch and with the help of audio engine. I want to add reflection, doppler effect, and attenuation  with the help of the audio engine have more realistic simulation environment for my research. My question as far as I read sampling rate can be extended only up 96000 sample per second in wwise. This won't be enough for simulating ultra sound in which frequencies can go up 2MHz. 

In short my final questions are : 

Is it true the maximum sampling rate is 96000 in wwise ? 

Is there a mode or workaround(which can include changing the source code and recompiling etc..) that I can achieve higher sampling rates? 

asked May 14, 2017 in General Discussion by Kadir Erdem D. (100 points)

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