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here comes trouble when importing lessons on wwise

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Hello there, since i've download wwise, started lessons, so far so good, exceept, i have managed  to launch lesson 1 but everytime when i start a new lesson , when i want to open with the file Lesson 2 o 3 or 4 from the 101 wwise folder i've download too, i have this message  

" Error/Fix
Some new object properties have been added or obsolete properties deleted. The project file was updated. These changes will not have an impact on your project.

since lesson 2 it was a problem because, i can launch the file Lesson 2 allright, but if i want to import any SFX , as requested on the lesson, like Heartbeat or PlayerFoot, it simply doesn 't import anything .

so far i have manage to always import the file from lesson 1 and add all songs, risking of having a few set ups not in tune of what i could or may do .

and for the Lesson 5 there is a whole lot more SFXs to import, and apparentely already pre rendered on the file Lesson 5 , is there something i did wrong and if i did, well, help  because, when i launch CUBE following what i have already accomplished since lesson 1, all the sound work is based on it, and i don t know what will happen if i launch it by using a possibly deffective set ups ? the better i know, the better i become . .

best regards

Luc de Villars .
asked May 27, 2017 in General Discussion by User 73565 (140 points)
ok, i have tryed anyway to launch the Lesson 5  regardless of the Error message at the beggining, but now if i want to save whatever my progress is, i have multiple error messages. i might have to start all over again when i will launch the lesson for modifying or trying different set ups, which can be a good training though...

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