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Extension doesn't work with GM:S 1.4.1763

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Unfortunately I'm encountering an odd version problem. We're using GM:S 1.4.1763. Whenever I try to start an almost empty example project I'm getting the following error. It works fine with GM:S 1.4.1757.

I thought it might be a Windows 10 problem. So I compiled the project and tested it on Windows 7 with the same result.

Is this extension tested on 1763 and working with it? Might be a problem on my system.

Thanks and cheers

Edit: I have the same problem with GMWwise 1.4.1 and 1763. My coworker running 1763 has the same problem. I'm pretty sure it's the GM version.


asked Jun 12, 2017 in General Discussion by Chris W. (100 points)

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