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[HELP] Suggested pipeline to work with Wwise+Unity+Sourcetree?

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Hi everyone! I'm kinda lost here since I've never worked with version control software before, and the guys I'm working with never worked with Wwise so yeah...

What would you say would be a good workflow for a Wwise+Unity project that's been shared via Sourcetree? We're a small studio of six people and I'm working with one programmer to do all the implementation so he needs to manipulate the Wwise Picker in Unity while I work inside of the Wwise editor. The programmer should see all my updated work in the Wwise Picker with every pull request. Does that means that he also need to have the Wwise project? Should I allocate the project inside the file structure of Unity in the repo? That would increase the project size for all the team and as I said only one programmer needs to see all my events. To test my first sounds, yesterday we tried to copy my Wwise project to him with a flash drive. The programmer also had to download Wwise in his computer and implement it in the Unity project, but I'm already feeling all the bad things that will happen in the future with such unreliable and slow solution. I tried integrating my Wwise project to the Unity project in my PC and pushing everything to the repo, but although the guys did saw the Wwise components in the Unity project structure when they pulled down my update, there was no Wwise Picker to be shown in Unity's interface.

What do you guys suggest? I'm a sound guy so I'm fairly new to this kind of technical conundrums.

In my dreamt world, I'm happily working in the Wwise project, joyfully pushing every new update to the repo, with the coding guy just pulling everything with a light in his eyes and a smile in his face, ready to implement my work into Unity without interferences. There's a soft smell of flowers in the air. Birds sing pastoral tunes outside. We feel happy.

Thanks in advance.

asked Jun 21, 2017 in General Discussion by Gabriel G. (160 points)

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We are in the exact same spot.

I'd love to hear a solution.
answered Aug 2, 2017 by Jascha V. (190 points)