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Unexpected crash reports using file package

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Greetings. Some unexpected problems occurred after us integrating Wwise Low-level IO functions into our unity project. Some of our users may have ran into crashes while playing the game. although no valid feedback has been reported, our server caught these exceptions. The crash report shows as follows:


 #00 pc bd8010ec <unknown>

 #01 pc 00027f54 /data/app/com.****/lib/arm/ (CAkDefaultIOHookBlocking::Close(AkFileDesc&)+20) [armeabi-v7a]

 #02 pc 0014aa10 /data/app/com.****/lib/arm/ (AK::StreamMgr::CAkStdStmBase::~CAkStdStmBase()+220) [armeabi-v7a]


Our strategy for using file packages is elaborated here . First, we split our soundbanks into two groups. Soundbanks in group one have been packed into the default.pck which contains the init.bnk and stored in the streaming assets path, while other soundbanks packed into dlc.pck are downloaded to persistent path in our app. We are loading the default.pck when our game is being initialized. After dlc.pck being downloaded completely, it will also be loaded automatically. Both file packages are loaded by calling AkSoundEngine.LoadFilePackage(name, out packageID, AkSoundEngine.AK_DEFAULT_POOL_ID).

Do you have any suggestions?

asked Jun 27, 2017 in General Discussion by Tyler M. (100 points)

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