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Change play start time of a sound file, receiving real time buffer feeding through script from game engine

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My name is Tao and I'm a student from Berklee college of music, current i'm working on a DJ simulator project in Unity with Wwise as my final project, I have 4 questions or feature requests:

1. I want to set the play start time (or it's called trim start?) of a currently playing audio track in real time through a script from Unity, but I didn't found any functions in the API allows me to do that. so are there any ways allows me to modify that parameter just like a RTPC?

2. I also prototyped a script just using Unity default audio engine that can plot both the waveform (time domain) and frequency domain (through Unity default FFT function). So are there any ways I can receive these (1) sample information of the entire audio track in Wwise, (2) return the current sample (or index) being played of the audio track in real time. (3) real time FFT analysis data through Unity script?

3. How can I modify the loop start/end time of an audio track in Wwise from script in Unity?

4. In terms of DJ simulator that requires beat matching stuff, do you recommend me to use sound effect mixer or interactive music hierarchy?

asked Jul 3, 2017 in Feature Requests by Tao Y. (110 points)

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