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AAC not working on iOS 11 after switching to v2016.2.4 build 6098

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I had been using Wwise 2015.1.65, which worked OK under iOS 11 although there were some issues. My AAC sounds played fine.

I just updated to v2016.2.4 build 6098, and now my AAC sounds don't play at all on an iOS 11 device

AK Error: AAC decoder failure: 205100711

AK Error: Failed creating source: 205100711

I no longer have an explicit codec registration (I do include <AK/Plugin/AkAACFactory.h>), but was hearing AAC sounds just fine on an iOS 9 device. And non-compressed sounds are OK on both.

Is this a known issue? Did I miss some trick in migrating?

asked Jul 14, 2017 in General Discussion by David D. (120 points)
I got my sound designer to re-export in Vorbis format, and that works on iOS 11 beta. (But it sounds terrible in the iOS Simulator, plus AAC can use hardware to decode.)

1 Answer

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Hi David,

Upgrading to Wwise 2017.1.3 should solve your problem. There is a fix for this specific issue in this release.

Thank you!
answered Oct 25, 2017 by Mathieu G. (200 points)
Great! But won’t I have to go back to my sound designer and get him to update his Wwise (to match this version) and then re-export as AAC? He has moved on to other projects…