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Problems with confirming Lesson 3 of Wwise 101 course

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Hello guys!
I have a problem with "DCP_Music" event and states "Dead" and "Alive"
I do everything right like it was described in course
But, heartbeat has not triggered
And there is no errors in capture log about "DCP_Music"
And there is no notifications about swithing between states "Dead" and "Alive"
What can be wrong?
asked Jul 19, 2017 in General Discussion by Nick E. (190 points)
Am I the only one who have this problem with DCP_Music event?
Same issue here - did you find anything out?
same problem here, wonder if the event DCP_Music is removed in this version of Cube? Would be nice if they updated the Tutorials to the latest version of Wwise as well, there has been some changes over the years and the current versions of the tutorial is not directly compatible with the latest version of Wwise either as you have to convert the Lessons etc  :/
Hi there, same problem here, this can only mean that the problem is out of our control and that we shouldn't feel bad for the heartbeats not working properly when generating the soundbank, If anything this teaches us that we should really speak with our programmers to ensure nothing like this happens. Cheers!

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Hi, same problem here. I did everything described in lesson 3 but states are not changing. And the profiler confirms that.
answered Aug 15, 2017 by Vincenzo M. (140 points)
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You can use the Spawn_Player Event instead of the DCP_Music to start the heartbeat.
answered Apr 5, 2018 by Paul S. (220 points)
Thanks, this helped. Heart beat is now triggering , but I think this event might be triggered more than once as the sound seemed to be playing several times over the top of each other. Also, the Alive \ Dead states still don't seem to be working. Shame they haven't updated the tutorials.
Thank you! Changing from DCP_Music to Spawn_Player really helped. But it's as written in comment above. States are not working.
Bro! This fixed it.Thank you from our study group!States still don't work though.
Thank you so much! you save my life!!
To add some more info, before generate on soundbank, I should remote the cube.
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Hey Guys,

I have created a guide to assist with the Heartbeat issue & help you learn about Blend containers
The guide also adds a vocal breath intensity as the player character loses health.

You may need to refer to these videos to, as the default project hierarchy has been replaced:
Wwise - Clean up:
Wwise - Preparation:

Hope the guide helps you all!
answered Oct 25, 2018 by Graham S. (650 points)
edited Oct 25, 2018 by Graham S.
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Same here. Tried to recheck all the steps three times with no result. I guess the current version of Cube has new or different game calls and all the tutorials including the pdf course book need to be updated. Moving on to Lesson 4.
answered Dec 15, 2018 by vitekkral (160 points)
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EDIT: on more messing around this only works when i'm using the project from later lessons (5) that has more events built into it so I think there must but something i have missed in the one i'm building from scratch but maybe this is unique to my situation as I did the majority of the initial lessons in an empty wwise project instead of using the included ones. DCP_Music doesn't seem to work on mac but once you use the later projects included (lesson 5 definitely) you can go back and revise the rtcp, states and heartbeat stuff and see how that is all supposed to work and it will implement fine as long as you use Spawn_Player and Death_Player to start and stop your sounds.


hey for anyone who is doing the tutorial and reading this thread wondering if there was ever an answer to this here is my workaround which seems to do everything that the tutorial was supposed to achieve.

as mentioned in other replies Spawn_Player event can be used to trigger the heartbeat, but if you don't also tell it to stop then you end up with layer after layer of heartbeat sounds building up every time you respawn.

to fix this you can use the Death_Player event to give the heartbeat a stop action however this is only a partial fix.

To get the states to work you also need to add "set state" actions to both Spawn_Player and Death_Player, the former to set state to alive and the latter to set state to dead. Now to ensure that you actually hear the fade out that the PlayerLife state is supposed to achieve make sure you add a delay the Stop action for your heartbeat to allow time for it to happen, I gave it 5 seconds but it is arbitrary depending upon the transition time you picked for your PlayerLife State Group as per the tutorial.

Anyway this works for me now and also fixes the music problem in lesson 6 (use Spawn_Player and Death Player to start and stop the music). Hope it helps
answered Sep 10, 2019 by jac g. (260 points)
edited Sep 10, 2019 by jac g.
As of 2021, after the rework in Cube (with the Wizard, and magic wand, and stuff), use DEFEATED_PLAYER instead of DEATH_PLAYER. SPAWN_PLAYER still works. As mentioned, you can use these two events to trigger the states, just by dragging the states to the Event Editor of each event (as if the states were Sound SFX's) and then follow the remainder of the lesson normally.

You can check event names, states, switches, and other stuff from the Cube demo via the Wwise_IDs.h file. However, bear in mind that there might be some events declared there but not called in-game, meaning some stuff there might not work at all (like the PLAYERLIFE state). Anyways, the folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Audiokinetic\Wwise 2021.1.2.7629\Cube\cube_source\src

Lastly, AudioKinetic will release the revised version of their Wwise2021 tutorial in July, so don't worry too much about all this right now.
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Best answer

Hi Everyone, 

For the PlayerLife State Group to be properly set from the game, two Events will have to be created to set the States: 



* In prior versions of Wwise (Wwise 2019.2 and earlier), this Event was named Death_Player.

This is by design and best practise, as it empowers the Wwise user to change the condition, without having to dive into the code. 

For reference, open the Cube Wwise Project to inspect the setup of the above Events and more.


answered Sep 21, 2021 by Mads Maretty S. (Audiokinetic) (39,400 points)