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Problem setting up MS HRTF in authoring tool

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I've set up MS HRTF in authoring tool as described in the documentation, but all I'm hearing is a blurry effect, similar to using a very short reverb (to somehow describe it). So, what I hear is no HRTF. In order to test it, I use 3D user defined positioning, basically to alter the angle of a sound, and play it back from different directions. But I don't hear HRTF, especially when altering the Y and Z axis, where HRTF should have a very obvious effect. There's no way to tell if the sound is in front, behind, above, or below you. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong in which case I would be thankful for any hints.

Please see below my step by step approach. If you spot the error, let me know.


  • Choose a bus and open the Effects tab.
  • Put the Microsoft HRTF plugin into one of the Effect slots. (Other HRTF Plugins usually are used in the Mixer Plugin tab of a bus, but this one doesn't show up there.)
  • Open User preferences and set 'Samples Per Output Buffer' to 1024.
  • Choose a sound object and set the Output Bus to be the mentioned Bus that holds the MS HRTF Plugin.
  • Open the sound object's Positioning tab and enable 3D Positioning.
  • Choose User Defined Positioning.
  • Press the Edit button to open the position editor.
  • Press 'New'.
  • Select the dot in the panning field which represents the position of the sound object.
  • To position the sound exactly 1 m in front of you, set the coordinates to X:0, Y:1, Z:0. Then hit the Play button. Listen.
  • Change the Y coordinate to -1 (which positions the sound exactly 1 m behind you). Hit the Play button. Listen. It doesn't sound any different from the previous setting.
  • Change the Z coordinate to 1 (which elevates the sound 1 m above your head. Play. Listen.
  • Chance the Z coordinate to -1 (so 1 m below your head). Play. Listen. No difference.


asked Aug 10, 2017 in General Discussion by Christian S. (110 points)
This Plugin has "HRTF" in the name. As we know it means "Head Related Transfer Function", which in short words means: Binaural simulation for headphones. But maybe my expectations are wrong? What I'm expecting is an effect similar to e.g. Oculus Spatializer, Astoundsound, or RealSpace3D, just to name some. Is MS-HRTF meant for that?

A more detailed instruction would be highly appreciated.


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