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Windows deployment's folder missing when pulling the project

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EDIT : PROBLEM SOLVED ! SourceTree's default settings ignore .dll so of course it ignored all the Windows' folder content. Just delete or comment the .dll line in sourcetree:  Tools>Option>Git>Edit File

Hi, I installed Unity in a depository (bitbucket and I use SourceTree software), then I integrated Wwise to the project. On my computer everything works fine. But when I commit the wwise integration, it does not commit the Windows folder of the deployment (Asset/Wwise/Deployment/Plugins/Windows). Then, when I launch the project on another computer, wwise is mostly integrated except the part for windows... which break everything. I got this message: "The wwise unity integration for the StandaloneWindows platform is currently not installed".

Obviously my goal is not to install wwise on the other computers, just that other users be able to have Wwise's sound on their project version.

I'm a novice in programming and version control so there might be something I am missing here. How can I make this Windows folder to be commited as everything else ? Does it even has to be commited ?
Thanks in advance !
asked Aug 23, 2017 in General Discussion by Noé M. (190 points)
edited Aug 25, 2017 by Noé M.

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