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Auro3D Headphone - Wall Settings

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I'm working on a VR project right now and have been using the Auro headphone plugin to handle binaural spatialisation, but there is one thing that I'm bit confused on in regards to the Auro 3D settings.

The documentation states that the the Wall controls are to control the "distance to the respective walls", so am I right in saying that this is the distance from the listener, which in our case is attached to the player's headset, to the walls? So essentially you would set up RTPC parameters in Wwise for each wall and then that value is constantly changing as the player moves around the level, based on the distance they are from each specific wall? If that's correct then I'm confused with how it's supposed to work alongside the speaker distance controls, because if a wall value is lower than the speaker distance, the binaural effect is lost. I suppose the solution to this is to keep the speaker distance as 1m, as the wall distance cannot be set lower than 1m anyway.

Is someone able to clarify what the wall settings are supposed to correspond to? My confusion comes from previously using other 3D audio plugins where the wall settings were supposed to match the dimensions of the room, so the "length of the walls" rather than the "distance to the walls".

asked Aug 25, 2017 in General Discussion by Matthew C. (100 points)

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