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No audio output in custom integration

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I have integrated the Wwise API in my custom engine but I am getting no audio output.

Here are details regarding the issue:

- I have error return codes for every call and am getting no errors for the same
- I hooked up the profiler and it successfully shows the events being called with no errors
- The meters in the authoring app don't show any output while the profiler is hooked up to the application
- The events when played from the authoring app are successfully playing

Let me know if you can find a solution to this. I have previously integrated the API into custom engines before and haven't encountered this issue. I might have missed out on something possibly but pretty sure I haven't. 

asked Aug 26, 2017 in General Discussion by Deepak Chennakkadan (1,840 points)
Version I am using: 2017.1.0.6183

1 Answer

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As in my case, the device sound volume is non zero but it's in silent mode, so there's no audio output.
answered Jul 20 by Jue G. (190 points)