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Switches to update RTPCs ?

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While it is possible to drive a switchgroup through an RTPC - the opposite isn't.

I've come across several cases where this could be very useful. Anything that can be controlled by an RTPC could then be controlled by a Switchgroup. E.g. switching positioning between 2D and 3D depending on which game object uses the sound object. In particular useful for shared assets like footsteps, where the player is supposed to be 2D and NPCs should be 3D. That way we could use the same Random Container for both Player and NPC, without having to duplicate that Random Container - which sadly increases the likelihood of repetitive behavior. Obviously two Random Containers with equal content but driven by two different game objects does increase repetitiveness.
asked Sep 4, 2017 in Feature Requests by Christian S. (400 points)

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