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Can end users change default channel configuration and panning law without altering Windows' default playback device?

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Without changing Windows' default playback device, or any properties of that device, can an end user change the channel configuration and panning law selected by Wwise?

Some games which use Wwise don't offer any means for the user to change these settings manually, but demonstrably change their channel configurations based on properties of the default playback device. Presumably, they are deferring the the default settings selected by AK::SoundEngine::GetDefaultInitSettings. This presents a problem when the playback device either doesn't know or expose enough info about the physical output medium. For example, a simple stereo USB DAC playback device driving a pair of headphones seems to cause these games to select speaker panning rule when the headphone panning rule is desired.
asked Sep 7, 2017 in General Discussion by Christopher C. (120 points)

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