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Applying B Format IR for a source-listener pair Wwise-Unity

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I am testing and learning Wwise and how to use it for 3D audio and simulated IR for certain rooms.

I created secondary buses from the master, one for Binauralizer (Auro Headphone plugin with excluded reverb), its child Ambisonics (Ambisonics 3-3) and further down the tree an auxiliary bus where the convolution reverb is used. Opening the conv reverb I can upload the B Format IR and set it to exclude direct sound. Now I can send one of my sound files to this bus and everything works on Wwise end. I use the game-defined auxiliary send in game to test the reverb. Files are all loaded and generated in one soundbank.

In Unity, I have an object with the soundbank attached that loads on start, an object with audio source attached (source about 2min long), a box collider that works as reverb zone (sends to aux bus with reverb), a first person character (listener). What I m trying to do is that when I enter the reverb zone with my first person character the reverb for that source-listener position is applied, seamlessly. Well, this just does not seem to work. Am I approaching the problem right? I have also some footsteps sound and that works when I get in the box collider i.e. footsteps with reverb. How can I apply reverb to external sources and have particular IRs at certain spots?


asked Sep 18, 2017 in General Discussion by Fabrizio D. (100 points)

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