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Unity Windows Store AkTriggerBase

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We are creating a multiplatform  app and we want to use Wwise, but I'm having troubles with the Windows Store version. All project it's being developed at a Mac and from it we target Mac/Win/Linux standalone, Android and iOS and for Windows Store I copy the project folder (entire even asset bundles) to a windows 10 pc. But when I try to run or build the project, It gaves me an error on 'AkTriggerBase.cs' it can't find 'TypeInfo' namespace.

I tried to reinstall Wwise from launcher and downloading the Unity package but nothing work. I'm using the last Wwise and Unity 5.6.3p3

Does any one know where I can find these script?

Thanks so much!
asked Sep 28, 2017 in General Discussion by Gabriel C. (100 points)

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