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Panning volumes jump from 0 to -infinity instead of interpolating smoothly [closed]

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Hi, I have a bizarre problem and can't figure out why 3D panning would ever work like this.  I checked everything that I could think of that could have been broken, and have run out of ideas.

What happens, is as you pass a 3D object, the panning volumes jump quickly from (-infinity, 0) to (0, -infinity).  All objects are hard panned

It's a 2D game, so first thought was that the listener was at the same z level and so the angle measured between the listener's orientation and the object was causing it, but after checking the game object profiler it seemed like everything was in the right place. listeners and objects where they should be

I made sure the listener orientation was hard-coded pointing forwards towards the objects.  I also made sure the pan rule was set to "Headphones" by default.

Also, attenuation works fine and the listener moves with the camera, so I can only assume Wwise has everything it should need to calculate panning volumes for each object, but it's not.  I am very confused and would appreciate any ideas as to where else 3D positioning might be broken.

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asked Sep 28, 2017 in General Discussion by Miles F. (250 points)
closed Sep 29, 2017 by Miles F.
This is my own personal shame.  When I hard-coded the listener position/orientation, I swapped the y/z values and didn't realize for actual months.  It was pointing straight down instead of forward, and I couldn't tell via the object explorer.