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Mirroring established FMOD asset structure in Wwise

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So I'm investigating the possibility of migrating the company I work for from FMOD to Wwise. To complicate matters somewhat, we have an established asset structure and basic functional dependancies in place which we would need to emulate.

Generally speaking, the audio assets in our games are divided into 2 categories:

  1. Regular game audio assets which are handled via an FMOD Studio project file (for use with their GUI tool), grouped and built out to several blob files.
  2. Commentary audio assets (typically well in excess of 10k assets per title) that are NOT associated with an FMOD project and retain their indiviudality when built.

The reason for bypassing their asset project system for commentary is it allows us to make granular changes without having to do enourmous rebuilds (which would also potentially blow out patch sizes, if the project is in post-release). It's also considerably easier not having to deal with this additional layer when all we require is simple per-asset playback (I'm confident their tool would freak out in spectacular fashion if you tried to load this many assets to a single project file). At runtime, commentary playback is routed through an FMOD software mix channel specifcally set up for commentary, which in turn interacts with mix channels for the regular game audio

My question is; how accurately would we be able to mirror this? Or perhaps there is a better way of doing this in WWise? Either way, any relevant info would be welcome!

Thanks in advance!


asked Oct 9, 2017 in General Discussion by James L. (100 points)
Hi I think Wwise's "external sources" feature would support what you want to do with the Commentary audio assets.

Let me know if this covers what you are looking for

Thanks very much, Remi! I'll have a read and report back.


EDIT: Yep, this appears to be exactly what we're after - thanks again!

1 Answer

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Great!  I'll mark this as the answer :)
answered Oct 18, 2017 by Remi M. (Audiokinetic) (410 points)