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Unreal Engine 4.16 : I have sounds from animation integration, but none on BP integration

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Hi, I just started working on a project on UE 4.16, using Wwise 2017.1.2.

I have integrated my first SFXs to the project and when i start the game, the sounds integrated via the animation "Notify Ak_Event" work fine, but the ones integrated via the "Post Event" function in Blueprints don't. I have worked on UE before (latest was UE 4.14 with Wwise 2016.2.1) using the same function and parameters and didn't have this issue.

The only difference I can notice is that now the function is "Client Only", which wasn't the case on my previous projects. Could this be the reason for not hearing my sounds ? If not, any other ideas ?
asked Oct 12, 2017 in General Discussion by Mathieu M. (100 points)

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