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How to integrate different levels of breathing (new to Wwise)?

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I am fairly new to Wwise and do not have much experience with it. I am trying to create a system (just for practice, not for a game) where a character will breathe slow, medium, or fast, depending on its level of fatigue.

I watched this video and then tried making three separate 10s audio files (slow, medium, and fast), put them in a blend container, and associate them with my run event but it would restart for every footstep taken:

Next, I watched the video below and made 3 random containers with multiple audio files of slow, medium, fast. I then tried creating a group state with 4 states (resting, slow, medium), set transition times between them, assigned the state group to each random container in the audio tab, set their volume so that the other states would be at -96db when the selected one was playing (in the fast random container, all the other states were set to -96db). Then I came to understand that the state group effectively only changes the volume of one group of sounds. Like, in  the video bellow, it only affects the volume of the heartbeat. It didn't work in my case because I tried assigning it to three different folders, so that it would switch between them.

Now, I've created a switch group for player breath with the three different types of breath. The switch works fine but I am wondering how to implement it as an event. Life, if player walks for x amount of time trigger breathing slow. trigger breathing medium when player starts to run. trigger breathing fast after player has run for x amount of time. I am also wondering if there is a better way to implement a dynamic breathing system.

I hope this is clear...I am still a bit confused but learning from these mistakes.


Thank you
asked Oct 19, 2017 in General Discussion by Eliazer K. (100 points)

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