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Cannot install Wwise 2017.1.3 on MacOS Sierra

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hi there i'm at a school and cannot install Wwise 2017.1.3-(6377) on an iMac running MacOS Sierra. it fails on installing the MS Visual C++ libraries and thus will not open. we did this with admin permissions. i can do this on Yosemite 10.10.5 at home on both my desktop and laptop. is there a known issue with this? at the moment my (untested) workaround would be to take my application, zip that up, and then take the user login Library/Application Support/Wwise2017 folder containing the Crossover stuff, zip that up, then copy both of these to the respective places on the iMacs. that or uninstall and roll back to 2016.

if i were to roll back to 2016 is the Unity integration also affected by this? would i have to roll back the Unity integration as well?

asked Nov 1, 2017 in General Discussion by Scott L. (100 points)

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