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Working on both PC and Mac on one project

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Hi There,

I am currently learning how to use Wwise as part of my degree and for one of my assessments i need to create a music system in Wwise, however this does not need to be linked to a project as it is just a demonstration that i can do it. Would i have any issues from working on both PC and Mac on the same project? As in when i am at home doing work on my PC and then when i am elsewhere doing work on my Mac?

asked Nov 8, 2017 in General Discussion by Lewis E. (100 points)

1 Answer

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There are some minor quality of life differences, but mostly everything is usable. There are some UI issues with Wine (like having to reselect objects that you just clicked), and the source control support for Wwise on Mac isn't great. I definitely prefer using it on a PC, but you can do everything on both.

Actually when I work on my MacBook, I prefer running Wwise in a virtual machine instead of using the Mac version. I use Parallels, and it's great.

But since it's a student project, I'd guess you won't have any issues.
answered Nov 8, 2017 by Ian S. (1,710 points)
That is great thankyou!