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[Quality of life suggestion] RTPC using built-in parameter for distance linked to the attenuation distance parameter

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Hey guys,

I'm running Wwise 2017.1 and I found out that when using an RTPC connected to the Distance built-in parameter in Wwise, the Distance parameter of the attenuation shareset is not updated, meaning that change in voice volume, low-pass, spread etc... will not kick in, which is a bit annoying and makes the preview of sounds using this kind of setup unconvenient. The funny thing is that when modifying the Distance in an attenuation shareset, the RTPC will be updated, but not the other way around: would it be possible to tie any RTPC using this built-in parameter to the attenuation?


asked Nov 16, 2017 in Feature Requests by Felix T. (130 points)

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