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[Unreal Engine 4.16 x WWise 2016.2.5.6121] AkComponent still use RaycastSingle when Occlusion Refresh Interval is 0

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Hi, I am doing optimization for our game, and I notice that AkComponent use RaycastSingle have a pretty amount of impact on max frame time.

Since our game is in a open environment, I try to disable occlusion by setting Occlusion Refresh Interval to 0.

But I can still see AkComponent using RaycastSingle after I disable occlusion.

I wonder whether I can completely disable AkComponent to use RaycastSingle? Or is it fixed in latest version? (currently using WWise 2016.2.5.6121)

Thank you.
asked Nov 16, 2017 in General Discussion by Wenzheng H. (100 points)

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