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Wwise 20171.3 - Unity 2017.1.0f3 - SetObjectObstructionAndOcclusion doesn't attenuate

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Since beginning to prototype our first project using Wwise 2017, we've noticed that the changes to how Wwise registers listeners in Unity has affected the SetObjectObstructionAndOcclusion API-call. We've tested it by setting up an emitter playing music and having a simple scene with just one listener on the main camera using raycasts to check if the source is occluded or not. The script works and the correct values from the SetObjectObstructionAndOcclusion-call comes through for us to see in the profiler in Wwise, but the music playing is not audibly affected by these values.

The curves are all set up in Project Settings in Wwise. The one and only listener in the scene is set to be default, and it's ID is correct. This is what we have in script;

AkSoundEngine.SetObjectObstructionAndOcclusion(myEmitter, myCamera, 0.9f, 0.9f); Where "myEmitter" is the Unity-GameObject playing the music and "myCamera" is the Unity-GameObject with the MainCamera and our AkAudioListener.

How has this changed since 2017, and why isn't this doing it for us?
asked Nov 22, 2017 in General Discussion by Per W. (160 points)

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