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Switch Motion's Positioning 2D doesn't work

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We are working on a Switch project with WWise. We have two problems on Motion:

  1. What the meaning on SMALL and LARGE curve on this page?
    We can sure that Switch only have 2 motors for 1 joy-con 1 motor. And they are the same.
  2. Seem Motion's Positioning 2D dosn't work on Switch? As my personal understand, it should be works like:
  • Vibration, as the positioning's outpost, will be lerped by Y value ( which set in Edit Pan view ) for 2 joy-con. So their amplutide will be significantly different if Y != 0.
  • Otherwise, it should be some where we could control two joy-con's motion individually.

Bu current situation is, 2D Positioning dosn't work as we thought, and find noway to override the nn::VibrationValue library sent.


asked Nov 24, 2017 in General Discussion by Simon M. (110 points)
edited Dec 1, 2017 by Simon M.

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