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Music switch container in a music switch container doesn't make a propper transition.

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Hello there,

I have  a small problem with my transitions and i think it might have to do with my layout.

I am working on audio for a game.

 I have made a switch container which distincts Combat and Explore.

These 2 are also music switches and within each there are 2 Music playlist containers.

It looks like this:

Main (Music switch Container)

                   -Combat(Music switch Container)

                                       -Combat Extreme(Music playlist Container)

                                       -Combat Calm(Music playlist Container)

                   -Explore(Music switch Container)

                                       -Explore regular(Music playlist Container)

                                       -Explore stealth(Music playlist Container)


The problem is that i am trying to create transitions from explore to combat.

It does play them but the transition functions(play immideate/entry que, fade in, .....) don't work properly.

at this moment i am targeting transitions between music switches.

Example: in the main transition tab i try to make a transition from

Explore(Music switch Container)-> Combat(Music switch Container)


It does change the music but it ignores the transition functions.

do the transition functions only work on music playlist containers?

Maybe this questions has been answered multiple times but i couldn't find the answer i was looking for.

I would be very thankfull for all your solutions.



(I am sorry for my bad english.)
asked Nov 24, 2017 in General Discussion by joppe c. (100 points)

1 Answer

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It should work to create transitions between switch containers.  I've done that before and properties should apply to child segments.  You may need to adjust the cues and/or fades to get it to do what you want.  Also, if you need to you can specify transitions between the various child playlists, e.g. Explore Stealth -> Combat Calm, etc.
answered May 24, 2018 by Monty M. (2,160 points)