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[HELP] Wwise 2017 Integration + Unreal 4.18

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So! I created an empty Unreal Project. From my Wwise Launcher I clicked on Integrate in Unreal Project. Added a sound file, made it to loop, created an event and generated a soundbank for this. init, and testSoundbank. Went to Unreal, checked in my content and clicked on import. Imported my two soundbanks. Then this gave me the Wwise Picker display of my event. Imported the event to a folder I called AKAudioEvents. Dragged that event from the content browser to the gameplay area. Clicked on "Auto Post" so that it would start on Awake. Hit Play. In Editor. It works. I can autoconnect to Wwise, and check how everything is working perfectly. So far, SO GOOD! xD Alright, now for the juicy part. I hit Launch. It starts trying to build. It fails. Gives me some errors about not finding libraries related to Wwise, or missing dependencies on the Wwise events requested. Note: Apart from this AkAmbientSound that I created when dragging the event to the world, there's nothing other than some chairs and a table xD. No BPs, no C++ code, nothing. Just integrated the Wwise plugin to Unreal through the Wwise Launcher, generated the banks in Wwise, generated the banks in Unreal, and nothing else. What am I doing wrong/what am I missing to make a build that plays this sound forever while I watch at this almost empty world? Thanks!

asked Nov 24, 2017 in General Discussion by Franco F. (120 points)
Could you copy here errors' text?
I can probably copy the whole output log if you want but in short it’s “Missing Dependency, request for AKAudioBank but it hasn’t been created yet”

Something to do with AsyncLoading.cpp

Again if you’d like the whole log let me know. Thank you very much!
Maybe you just need to create a new C++ class, then open visual studio and build it, then it will be fine.

1 Answer

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Here's an issue we've had about asyncronous loading. Maybe our workaround can help
answered Dec 1, 2017 by ilya n. (160 points)
I tried that, but when doing so I get this error

Anything that has preload dependency will crash it